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Apple to Expand its Search Ads Reach?

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Exciting news for Apple Search Ads. As reported by AdWeek's Andrew Bluestein in the article “Apple Could Soon Start Running Search Ads Outside of the App Store”, Apple has

added the following fields to its Search Ads API: “adChannelType” and “supplySources”.

Bluestein intimates that this change lays the groundwork for Apple to expand its Search Ads inventory to other Apple properties. This bodes well for mobile marketers. If all goes well, they'll continue getting the efficiency from search but at a greater scale.

I checked out the Apple Search Ads console. There isn’t yet an option to target additional inventory. Will be interesting to see when that happens.

Additionally, Apple added a "bidReccomendation" field for keywords to its API. These metrics provide additional signals into the nature of a keyword’s competitiveness in the search auction.

For those counting: Apple Search Ads API is now on V3 -- its second API upgrade in six months.

Great to see Apple take its Search Ads business serious. What do you think about this news?

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