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Why You Should Always Use Exact Match

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of keeping your Apple Search Ads campaign management simple. At least in the beginning. That starts with keyword match types, specifically, Exact Match. In this post, I’ll drive home the importance of using Exact Match keywords.

If you’re not clear on what different match types do, Apple explains keyword match types in this article.

There are two key benefits to Exact Match: 1) Precision and 2) Performance.


You have 100% transparency into the performance of a search query since it’s exactly the same as the keyword. (Hence the name “Exact Match”.

This becomes EXTREMELY important when you’re integrating your mobile measurement partner (MMP) data with Apple Search Ads data. The downstream performance reflects the exact keyword. If you’re evaluating a Broad Match keyword’s performance, you don’t have visibility into the keyword’s performance per se -- the data reflects search query performance.


Exact match keywords typically performance better. After all, they’re not skewed by the inherent variability that comes with Broad Match. Exact match keywords typically show >10% improvement in conversion rate and cost per conversion.

What has your experience been like with Apple Search Ads match types?

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