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Sign-up and run your Apple Search Ads campaigns with Adoya


Why Adoya? We package years of app store marketing experience in an intuitive, automated platform.

Whether your an app publisher or app agency/free-lancer, we're here to help you scale!

Step 1

Create an account

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Step 2

Connect your Apple Search Ads account


Step 3

Answer a few basic questions about your app


Step 4

Enter your cost per install and/or ROAS goals

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"Adoya helped us reduce our cost-per-install by 11%. It saved us hours a week in managing and optimizing search ads campaigns."

Robyn Exton, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Adoya compliment Apple Search Ads?
    Adoya compliments Apple Search Ads by automating best practices including bidding, adding top-performing search terms as targeted keywords, adding poor-performing search terms as negative keywords, sending daily email reports, and integrating with mobile measurement partners (MMPs) to report and optimize on post-install events. View Adoya as your “Growth Marketer” in a box. We aren’t meant to replace Apple Search Ads. We compliment it!
  • When should I use Adoya and when should I use the native Apple Search Ads platform?
    You should use Adoya for day-to-day campaign management like bids, budgets, and updating settings. Use the native Apple Search Ads platform if you want deeper analytics, adjust settings that aren’t available in the Adoya platform like geo targeting. Use the native Apple Search Ads platform if you want to pause or add new keywords to existing campaigns.
  • What if I want to create a new campaign?
    Adoya recommends you run campaigns via our proprietary method which you would have created when you signed up with us. However, feel free to use the native Apple Search Ads console to create new campaigns.
  • Who do I contact with a billing question or issue?
    Contact us and we’ll respond to you within 24 hours.
  • What other ad platforms do you support?
    We currently support Apple Search Ads but if there’s a platform you recommend, contact us and provide a suggestion. We’d love to hear from you!
  • Where do I provide feedback?
    Contact us any time. We love feedback!
  • Do you provide an account manager?
    Adoya doesn’t offer managed services. We keep things streamlined to keep down costs and pass that cost savings down to you. However, if you have an urgent issue, contact us and we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours and provide a customized solution.
  • What if I want to build something customized?
    Contact us and we’ll evaluate options!
  • What’s your cancellation policy?
    Cancel anytime. We’re month-to-month.
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